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well … insanity’s the word for this weekend..
haiz… its all the lab report’s fault..
im so so so sick n tired of it..
going to die already…
any heros out there…
save me??
BF definitely is not the one..
he is adding stress n agony to my already-is-very-sickening life..
due to his bro-com issue..
wat a sad life i have…
i got so many shit things happening and not one soul tat i can talk to..
no frenz no shit..
wat shit..
okok …alot of shit..
full of shit
SHIT!! wat’s wif shit???
man… wat a life..
i feel so low now..
why do people only like to talk about themselves..
well that includes me also…of course…
but .. i mean.. if u only like to talk about yourself…
isnt it tat you won’t be able to listen..
and when you dun listen..
communication will break down…
and when tat happens…
things will go sour..isnt it??
but humans cant seem to change their nature…
their selfish nature..
their EGO..
their self-centeredness..
i really hate it..
tat’s why i never like to tell my stuff to my friends..
whenever i try to tell them my problems…
it always starts off okay
it will be like:
Fren: come on…tell me wat’s your problem..i’m your listening ear today…
Angel: okok … i tell u ah…[yada..yada]
Fren: oh..ok ..i tell u hoh..tat day also… something like tat happen to me..then [yada yada]
its always like tat…i haven even really start talking abt my problems…
[i admit im selfish too..]
then my frenz will all start talking abt theirs…
n i end up becoming the listening ear…
so now…
i dun like to tell them anything..
juz dun say anything..
wat for??
can anyone tell me??
no one is worth it..
no one…absolutely no one…
im juz so stressed up…
maybe blogging’s right for me..
coz the site wun suddenly diversed and tok abt its problem leaving me to be the listening ear…suddenly…right?
if it does..then it will be scary
all my problems shall pile up and u people shall one day see the headlines..

“Young Lady jumped off 12th Storey of HDB flat”

haha..i doubt so though… im a wuss…i wun have the courage to do tat..


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