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when is it going to be shown in Singapore…

Based on a story by Stephen King…it’s going to be farking good…
i just can’t wait…

rushing off to get the book now.. 😀
the story is collected in “Everything’s Eventual” …



BAH!! stupid wordpress…
i actually went raving about Gerard Butler and Brad Little for quite DA LONG POST!
but all is gone… CRYZ!

just to say, THIS IS MY FAVOURITE SCENE!! and i love the song…


It was really good …
I turned up in pants-like berms and heels but …but… most people there wore shawls, evening gowns and of course, there were the slipper-lovers and heck-care dressers.
imagine my glee when i found that they actually sell binoculars before anything started…
my seat was at Circle THREE!! at the third level! and it kinda sux… and I have myself to blame…
(im throwing all the blame on my laziness and procastination when I had to book the tix just so late HMPH!)

and when it started…
BOOM! everything went dark and the mood set in.

and when my dearest Phantom finally started singing…
I almost melted…
Brad Little (the cast for Phantom this time) is FANTASTIC!
his voice is better than the original cast…
I know it because I have the CD for the live recording of the original cast.
I love it when he sings “Music of the Night” & “Point of No Return” … he melted my heart… 😀
he’s really good ….

Cristine…was …alright.
Sarah Brightman was better.
that’s all i have to say for her.. hehe

Raoul was cute!
clear and crispy voice…when he sung “That’s all I asked of you” with Cristine…
ahhh … but I still like the Phantom more…

I bought the CD although i have one copy already.
I just want a souvenir from this event.
and I’m putting it on repeat now 🙂


my favourite song :: The Point of No Return…
I LOVE IT! haixx…. meltz away~

Lyrics: Read More »

woah~ haha the silent movie by my beloved Malice Mizer~ one of their last works before they disbanded /wail out loud…
all music in this movie is by Malice Mizer! fantastic tracks there!

Mana is a NUN! a VAMPIRE NUN! that’s a double WOAH!
love Mana! She’s..i mean He’s so gorgeous!
and i had a good laugh over Yu-ki~ he’s Earl of Dracula..and he’s hair is FUNNY! too funny for the whole movie…*fufufufufu*

there’s multiple parts to the catch them if you’re free..the movie is made in a very confusing way, and the subtitle sucks!
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Rented Stay Alive’s dvd yesterday … bah, it was the PG-13 version… and it suxed pretty bad.
Never thought that there’s a past tense for the word “sux” eh?

anyway, the show wasn’t that good, with cheap scares…copied from J-Horror and K-horror… in which is originated from japanese side 😛

want spoilers? nah… im lazy to type .. u can search the title out at Wiki 🙂
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