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Orangeline’s Definition: A place where…

– you have your own room – set aside just for you (and not some extra room somewhere)
– you can find things in the closet drawer that you thought would be gone forever, when you left it behind on your last visit 6-12 months ago
– duration of stay & intervals between the stays are not part of the defining equation
– you are not treated like a visitor
– you do not have to ask permission for watching the television, using the common bathroom and finishing the last can of drink
– you can have a say in what’s for dinner and where you want the new couch to be
– … … …

*will add more if I can think of any



Eric’s not in the room now…
Leaving me ALL ALONE in the vast emptiness of this familiar yet estrange-feeling room of his.

I need a picture of myself to keep me company.

Aww~ I miss the comforting hugs from Simin & Adlina!
Babes…I can’t wait to meet you on Friday.

PS: Please ignore the eye bags, bushy eyebrows, messy hair, blackheads and whatsoever evidence of laziness… I’m famous for being unkempt!

omg! i look like Jet Li, Takuya Kimura & Hideaki Takizawa.
This really proved something.
All asians look alike. HAHA!

here’s eric’s analysis – Read More »



Seriously, if you can’t prove that you are capable… (you don’t even have to be better than me)
DON’T FUCKING try to be a leader…
no… randomly assigning tasks around… or giving yourself less work (thinking that you’re the leader or thinking that you’ve done all the background research) without justifying… is not being a reasonable leader.

edit: I know…I’ve cooled down a lot now.
the leader is compiling the report, doing the taxonomy tree..yada yada yada… tt’s why he will be doing MUCH lesser work in the main part.
but i still don’t like the fact that he didn’t bother to check why I wasn’t responding to his mail when he was sending ALL project information to my spam mail account. (i never ever check my hotmail account. and he took for granted that I only have ONE email account since I used it for msn messenger n I think I have around 800+++++ unread mail, excluding spam, to date… doesn’t he know that everyone in school has a school email account? he can easily type in my name and the mail will be MAGICALLY sent to me….)
:end of edit:


although I’m at fault too… but you FUCKING FAIL at being a leader… you FUCKING NERD! Read More »