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Channel “A“ngeline

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Name: Angeline
Pseudonyms/Nicknames: Orangeline, Ichigocheesecake
Birthday: 19 April and that makes me an Aries

Schools Attended:
NTU School Of Computer Engineering
Anglo-Chinese Junior College
River Valley High School
Jurong Primary School (it had merged with another school)
Foreign Language School – Still Pending
Shakuhachi Flute School – Still Pending


Literature (for now, it’ll be Magic Realism & Fantasy),
Ancient & Religious History,
Mythology & Religious Studies,
Vet Science & Zoology,
Computer Graphics,
History of Arts,
Mathematics (Statistics & Discrete/Decision Mathematics)

Pink, Orange, Black & White, Velvety Green, Silver & Gold, Maroon & Indigo

Japanese (Jpop, Jrock & Visual Kei), 80s Love Songs, Alternative Rock, New Age Pieces (with instruments like the Shakuhachi Flute, Taiko Drums, Shamisen, Harp), Baroque & Renaissance Style Pieces, Movies & Games Soundtracks,

Charmed, The Simpsons, Heroes, Lost, Coupling, Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi Channel, Yes Minister, Discovery Channel/Animal Planet, AXN


(300, LOTR, Moon Child, Pan’s Labyrinth, Star Wars, all of Batman movies)

(Silence of the Lamb, The Prestige, The Phantom of the Opera, The Sixth Sense, The Village, The Departed, Zoo, )

(Children of Men, The Last Samurai, Munich, Confession of Pain, Titanic, Amélie)

(Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Shrek 1,2 &3, Monsters Inc., Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Go to “Little Reads” Page for more information


McSpicy Burger Extra Value Meal from McDonald’s

Corn Soup & Ice Tea without Milk from MosBurger

Rive’s Strawberry Shortcake

Ichiran Ramen

Salads with clear Lemon/Raspberry Dressing
Home-cook meals by Mommy and Grandmother


Siblings – I have THREE sisters.

Tiffany (9 1/2)

Qin Feng (2 1/2)

Qin Yu (1)



  1. OMG!!! I still have some of those photos in my photo album!!! Haha… =P Our “act-ah-lian” days are over! Mwarharhar… hey, when shall we meet up? Haven’t seen you since we graduated!!! =X

  2. hehe let’s meet up soon. I went to your webby, tried to answer on the shoutbox but bah … don’t think it got through!

    im currently on Industrial attachment, i haven’t graduated yet /sob
    but will be (hope so) next year ~
    get me at my email if u see this 😉

    ~ Angeline

  3. i am just looking and searching about gackt and i just saw your wordpress. nice gackt pix. he’s too hot. i have a wordpress acount too. i ma just new on it so maybe we can be friends? ^_^ smile

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