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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! New ALBUM! (not new NEW songs but still…)

Preview Live for 「哀戦士」 – Ai Senshi on Hey!Hey!Hey! 12/11/07
2006 Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta Movie’s Cover Song by Gackt!

His new album 0079-0088 will be out on the 19th Dec 2007!!


I’m really depressed now…

on the 29 june 2007 I was …i was…IN JAPAN!!

and S.K.I.N was in LA doing their first debut…. GRRR~

Vocalist/Piano – Gackt (!!)
Drums/Piano – Yoshiki
Guitars – Miyavi & Sugizo

… Love MOST of them… hahaha

Gackt… I miss you!


he’s just sooooo cute…

check out – it’s a “renew” from the previous website… and I love it!
there’re lots of fantastic samples there… if u can read some simple japanese… or ~ just hit any Play button u see 😀


Title: Birdcage
Artist/Band: Gackt
Album/Single: Returner~闇の終焉~

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*Please leave a note if the link if broken.


yay!! i ordered mine! MINE!!
the first press release edition…
along with the Tokyo Dome Diabolos concert 2005 …
i’ll the happiest girl for when it arrives in my happiest hands…