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wootz… nice song right?
hahaha… i seriously repeated this song almost fifty times…
not much of the lyrics… (it’s kind of senseless)
it’s the tune …

but still, here’s the lyrics..

Violet UK – Unnamed Song

I am standing on the edge
And coming to my senses from a reverie
Never thought I would
Never thouht I’d need to
Say goodbye, I did you farewell
My voiceless words are swaying the flame

I can’t live without I can’t live without
I can’t live without you here in the dark
I whisper your name over again
Give me the strength to
Cease the light if I should find the way

I saw a dream youwere flying in the sky
Without a fear
Never touched the ground
But never came to my side
I tried so hard to reach out for your hand
The ruthless wind kept your soul away

I can’t live without I can’t give without
I can’t breathe without you
Here in the world
Do you fell the rain ?
You said love takes no pain

With or without the sun
The lurid sky is still tearing me apart

Will she let freedom reign over
Give me the strength to
Believe the words that love will find a way

i cant remember the site where i got the lyrics from …
but still…. thanks!! coz it’s not ez to find the lyrics for this song..

-Angeline- tell me if u are unable to hear the song…



  1. beautiful song! i love classical yoshiki!

  2. hehe me too! this is a very beautiful song! gorgeous tune!

  3. You should check out the original version of the song– it has an added verse/bridge kinda thing. It’s on Yoshiki’s “Eternal Melody II” album. 🙂

  4. really?? hmm … now…where to get the original version… hur hur hur~

  5. I love this song…
    Yoshiki whrites great lyrics
    I’m from Poland, and nobody knows Yoshiki or X-Japan, but after showing them som songs they like it:) expecialy the ballads:]

    best wishes

  6. nice one! Everyone shall share nice songs with everyone else…! 🙂


  7. Hi, I’m to from Poland and I know Yoshiki and X Japan from a long time, so Evan you should’nt said that nobody here knows it ;)I have shown some of his songs to my friends and they really like it. My girl friend love “Unnamed Song” and X Japan songs like “Endless Rain” “Forever Love” or “Tears” that same like me :):)

  8. This song is pretty. -_-L Don’t I feel sorta childish..

  9. you’re not! i think the song is pretty too! 😉

  10. The lyrics aren’t senseless if you know the story behind it. Yoshiki wrote it with hide in mind. I think he still misses hide a lot.

  11. Thank you so much for this lyrics! Was looking for, searching and snooping 😉

    I like all projects by Yoshiki-tensai but X-Japan – forever!!!

    Thanks again! Best wishes from Russia!!!!

  12. baby dont you realize
    baby dont oyu see
    that when i think about you
    i know your the one for me

    your my star and you mean the world to me
    when i think about us i know how its gonna be
    well one baby boyy and his name will be jake
    or maybe youll leave me for some slaggy fake

    i really hope you dont cuz i think i love you more
    every day thats go by i love you with all my heart
    i knew this all from the start

    so baby i just wont otl et you know
    that i’ll love you forever and i dont wont you too gooo…………

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