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I was “studying” @ my mom’s place today.
Not much was done (as usual) … but I managed to take lotsa pictures!
The sky was extremely beautiful. Guess I haven’t been looking up lately… How can someone not notice such a wonderful sight…

I have itchy hands… and I NEED to add a filter or two to SOME pictures!

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I’m bored and I can’t sleep. So … I gathered a few screenshots of my characters.. and put them together 🙂
I kinda freaked myself out when I found out that I have so many alts… HA~

The more active characters (out of the still playing ones) are:
*Kelios (Level 70; Female Human Paladin) – She’s my main 😀
*Shoria (Level 28; Female Night Elf Rogue) – She’s my enchanter
*Yorukage (Level 62; Female Night Elf Druid) – My first ever character but I got sick of playing druids…
*Kyradan (Level 20; Blood Elf Hunter) – My solo character. I play him when Eric is not around to quest with me 😦
*Azteciodan (Level 14 or 15; Blood Elf Warlock) – My “LF & KS” Kaki character @ Coilfang… I use this character to play and chat with them 😀
*Galiena (Level 16 or so; Draenei Mage) – My Role Playing Princess that I created with Gwuinifer, Tim & Eric.


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Kelios (My Human Paladin) … trying to RUSH to 70! bah… still a few hours short…and i needa sleep…
it’s 1230 AM! now…and i needa wake up at 7am later!

drank coffee during tea break and i’m not really sleepy now…

this is bad photoshop… didn’t really have the time to clean up the picture! haha coz i was editing AND playing at the same time!
but still i really like this particular herb in Nagrand (a place in Outlands)
super shiny! 😀


i was trying to change the header for my blog.
and well.. the img is not exactly a perfect but still.. i did it myself!
after not having to fiddle with photoshop for EONS…

anyway… the resolution SUX

and im pissed!

im gonna change back to my original header…

and err… to at least remember my effort…
here it is..


I played around with photoshop and created two wallpapers with the takumi snapshots that i have…
so here they are..
the second one is based on the first one..
n well, personally i like the second one better…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I’m a little crazy about Takumi recently… haha