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Category Archives: Frenchy Quirks

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so well, 71 is soixant et onze (literally meaning “60 and 11”) and 83 is quatre-vingt-trois (going @ 2-4-3) hahahaha
imagine this number , i got it from my exercise sheet…
1 541 281
it’s one million five hundred and forty one thousand and two hundred and eighty-one, i find it a hassle to even spell it in english

voila..this is the french version for 1 541 281
un million cinq cent quarante et un mille deuz cent quatre-vingt-un

if u dun know french u might think that it’s a freaking sentence..mwah hahahha



effort (noun,masculine)

English word? yeah it is… n it’s also a french word.
and their meanings are related.

when you put in effort to do something, but your surroundings are fucking u up, PLUS your effort seems to be going into the drain… you will definitely be effort in the french meaning. means STRESS, strain…

I’m so totally stressed up…

Je suis trés effort!

that’s the meaning of our word today.


oiseaux (noun, plural)
the singualar form for this word is oiseau, without the ‘x’.

wanna guess what does this french word mean?
haha it’s “Birds” … interesting eh? such a complicated word for birds….

so..wouldn’t Birdman be… haha nvm.

since oiseaux is birds, wanna make a smart guess what’re bateaux?

three seconds…come on…
(no checking of BabelFish)

it’s “BOATS“…


chose (femenine, noun) = thing

e.g. Mangez la chose, ou vous mourrez!
which means, Eat the thing, or you will die!
yeah..lame i know…
just trying to emphasize the redundancy of the word “thing”! haha

not your regular english word that means CHOSE~ but chose

(my impression of french words is that they are come in italics)