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It’s impossible to not like this series.
This is EPIC! EPIC!! you know…
I LOVE KINTAMA … i meam GINtama…
along with Gintoki and SADAHARU!!
I want a dog like this…
Gintama tops my Favorite Anime Charts this year…
I don’t know why, but I don’t seem to get sick of it.
Despite the seemingly lack of storyline (it’s not very true; but when compared to animes like Juuni Kokki etc., it’s just different), it’s just PURE ENTERTAINMENT!
FIVE STARS! i say. If there are more, I’ll give MORE STARS!

Favorite Characters:
EVERYONE! Including Madao!
alright, I’ll choose a few …

ZURA!! nono, Zura janai…Katsura DA!!!
hahaha … i like Katsura & Elizabeth! They’re the cutest pair of pet & owner you can find.
Though the origin of Elizabeth is still highly suspicious… he/she is still the cutest amanto penguin(??) you can find.

the truth is … I Love the entire 真撰組(Shinsengumi) …
Everyone’s just too cute!

ok…the Trio ~
神楽、銀時、新八(Kagura, Gintoki, Shinpachi)
This show can’t live without them!
love x 10000 … (i’m acting like a lil’ teenage fan girl!)

Sadaharu! my fav!
I yearn for a dog like him…BIG and adorable!


(Kyou Kara Maou!)

One of my first few animes (excluding childhood ones like Akazukin Chacha, Wataru, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, etc..)
I think I’ve watched the entire series of 78 episodes over & over again for … 3 times? or more.. I don’t know.
You can judge from the repeated postings of similar content from this series, especially quotes from characters.
The story is AWESOME, characters are nice (though a little too naive; most of the times.. but that’s the “escape from reality” factor)

Favorite Characters:

I LOVE everyone from this series, even the bad guys!
But if I must choose a few exceptional ones… here they are.

コンラットと有利!(Conrad & Yuri!)
Conrad’s the perfect husband & Yuri’s the best friend!


(Gundam 00)

Gut feeling tells me that I’ll love this series!
Haha~ even though I’m only @ episode 9 (4/12/07)
Celestial Beings, HRL, AEU & USEF! I wonder who is/are the real evil bastard(s) this time!

Favorite Character:

Lockon Stratos (Real name: Neil Dylandy)
He WAS Irish as I learnt from Episode 9 and he pilots the Gundam – Dynames which specialized in sniping enemies from afar.
Most of the time, he’s gentle, friendly, smiley & kind to the other comrades; acting the role of the big brother to all the other younger Gundam Meister. Oh, a plus point for him? He has an ORANGE Haro!


(Prince of Tennis)

I never liked Tennis, doubt (still doubting) that I’ll ever play tennis in real life (except in Wii Sports) and I think most of the techniques in POT really seem more DragonBall than real sports!
The manga’s really good too, except for the fact that I have the Chinese version and everything to the very last 奥義(ougi = super duper secret move which is supposed to be a person’s ultimate ability) sound like they’re some toy! >_<||

Favorite Characters:

跡部 景吾(Atobe Keigo)
Atobe-sama! Richest(probably; he lives like a king!), most charming & narcissistic man in POT! Love his voice & confidence!

手塚 国光(Tezuka Kunimitsu)
「油断せずに行こう~」- Can someone teach me how to resist Tezuka-buchou?
Esp in Teni-puri episodes!! he’s uber cute! and when he’s serious… he exudes pheromones.


(Juuni Kokki; The Twelve Kingdoms)

One of the best fantasy world created. The world of Juuni Kokki never fails to amaze me with the enriching tales of strong beliefs and the never-ending stories of Yoko’s epic adventure as the Empress of Kei. There is one big moral of the story that really enlightened me – “A capable person who knows him/herself well will never say that he/she is capable of being a ruler”

Favorite Characters:

I don’t really have any preference for this one since I’m more interested in the story.
However, I do particularly pay more attention to the “fop” of the story – En’s Emperor.

This is the Emperor of En – Shoryu. His kirin, Enki, is a very lovable character too. Both of them often squabble due to their differences. Most of the time though, it’s really on how they express their concern for each other. They’re really a cute pair!

oh! and I think Taiki is EXTREMELY adorable when he’s a kid! the sulky Taiki when he grew up is too whimsical for my taste.


(Saiunkoku Monogatari)

Another anime series about kings and their subjects, fantasy world and such.
I love themes like that! 😀
This ongoing anime (in its second season now) is one of my favorite when it comes to fantastical love comedies & eastern culture-type of palace stories. There are so many different kinds of characters and themes in this one that I don’t know where or how to start summarizing…therefore, I shall indulge on my laziness and do it when I feel like typing non-stop.

Favorite Characters:

茶 朔洵(Sa Sakujun)
He is the second son of the Sa family, and was made to take over the position as Sa-clan’s Head. (This is because he’s the genius in the family… every family in Saiunkoku seem to have such characters – like Ryuuren in the Ran family)
He fell in love with Shuurei & I (one-sidedly) THINK that he’s the first person in entire story to have Shuurei (ALMOST) fall in love with him.

紫 劉輝(Shi Ryuuki)
The exceptionally intelligent emperor who wants Shuurei to be his Empress; despite his personal motives, Ryuuki makes “wise” decisions throughout the story!! this is so… impossible. But, I still think he’s very loveable. Ignoring his good looks, perfect hair, wit & ability to act-cute in suitable situations… he’s not really the kind of guy that I’ll like in stories… ya… I swear!


I’m a fan of lycans & vampires and therefore, when I first watched Blood+, I fell – quite instantaneously.
It was a very memorable chase when I was following through this anime. I remembered watching RAWs (episodes in japanese without subtitles) because I was too eager/impatient; and I would watch the very same episode with subtitles just a few days later! Blood+ is a marvellous piece of work!

Favorite Characters:

Saya & Haji – Strong Warrior Princess & her loyal (plus cool, cute, loving & musically-inclined) Knight!
The design of her Chiropteran-slaying sword is EPIC!

There are, of course, more animes that I like…
I’ll add them in when I can recall what I like about them!
Updated on: 4th December 2007 14:12Hrs


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