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Warning! Spoilers Ahead & a large number of slide shows!

Desire CMAX (in Japanese) a.k.a. Desire Climax
Note: I couldn’t find the translated/taiwan version, so I bought the original one off the shelves of Kinokuniya~

Comic By: 右京あやね (Ukyou Ayane)
Number of Volumes: 1 – 7
Status: Completed
Summary: Rich guy 陣内将英 (Jinnai Shouei) likes poor girl 大森美緒 (Oomori Mio). His interests are: bullying her, ignoring her in school, teasing her and wearing glasses despite having contact lenses. Mio-chan got hired to work part-time in the Jinnai’s household… hahahaha Interesting things are going to happen, aren’t they?

Comments: Erm, the story’s not at all revolutionary but the art is GORGEOUS! The male character Shouei-sama is one of the most charismatic male manga character I’ve came across, and I love his sexiness to the very last bits. YUM!
He kinda has a split personality.

Favourite Character(s): 陣内将英 – Shouei-sama, OF COURSE! duhz…

Glasses on: normal prince charming, nice to all people, gentlemen …yada yada (i usually hate guys like that). but I must say he looks damn bloody good (and HOT!) with glasses on!!

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hehe here’s the Favourite manga post…
additional part on favourite characters from each favourite mangas! kyuu~

– NANA by Ai Yazawa
(Book 1 – 16)
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I just bought book 21 off the shelves of Comics Connection and i LOVE this book …
this quote kinda sad but it also inspiring.. not that i really like inspiring quotes… but i find it meaningful and well, it actually makes sense unlike other “Inspiring Quote of the day”


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I played around with photoshop and created two wallpapers with the takumi snapshots that i have…
so here they are..
the second one is based on the first one..
n well, personally i like the second one better…

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I’m a little crazy about Takumi recently… haha


a lousy one coz i just gathered all the snapshots i took today…
but still … enjoy!

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Click on image for full size in new window…