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Category Archives: 欲望

I need to collect these … (Gwuinifer sent me the link and I can’t stop browsing and browsing and browsing and drooling + melting amongst the massive tab-browsing)

Take a look at these amazing dolls @

my favorite female shall be LAHOO ~ (one of their designer’s doll); I think you can design your own, if u wanna buy the head, body, wigs, clothes and stuff separately @ more than 3-digits-kinda price per piece…

here are some of the others that caught my attention… they are soooo pretty! I’m going mad~ again…


I must have this… I must have this… I must have this…
Am startin’ to wonder where can I get this… since it’s out of stock on the online shop. ( ̄へ ̄)

~(=^・・^) ヾ(^^ ) ヨシヨシ :: I ★ MUST ☆ HAVE ★ THIS ☆ LOCKET!

\\(≧∀≦)// :: ♔Maybe I’ll get myself one for X’Mas♔

Vivienne’s Tartan Wallet

Now… who’s going to get me this? Bah! I’ll buy it myself!
Omg, I so wanna have one of these wallets. It’s my favourite tartan print! and a red one at that!


Vivienne’s Tartan Mini Yasmin Bag

and it comes with a metal safety pin charm!
argh~ i want it now…

and maybe XBox360 …

Square Enix releasing The Last Remnant next year.. i hope~

now i have something else to look forward to…. other than FFXIII … HAHA!

oh and there’s Devil May Cry 4… Resident Evil 5…
im so glad that i’ll be graduating next year…


Hi everyone!

I’m currently doing a survey on “Attractions for a Virtual World” for my Final Year Project…

would any kind soul help me with this?

note: under 1.2 school/industry … please write ur faculty, field of study
or industry type for your work…
note2: non-ntu students are also able to register and log into the Virtual
Campus! 😀

IMPT! – please fill up the survey and send it back to me @

I haven’t been updating much due to schoolwork…
but seriously, i think i need to update more often

Love from,