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Another version that I didn’t really like.

Okay, the situation was something like that – Conrad (supposedly) betrayed Shin Makoku & Yuuri (the Maou) & joined the Humans side (Big Shimaron & the evil King Belal). In this scene, King Belal had gotten his hands on Yuuri & gang (which includes Wolfram, Günter, Huber, Murata Ken & Leila from Franshire). Conrad was then asked to execute Yuuri (!!!) which he acknowledged the command with NO hesistation and proceeded towards Yuuri with the Ma-ken (Demon Sword) – Morgif.

He then said this entire quote to Yuuri.

The translation for the quote (of Conrad) goes something like that: Read More »


freaking hilarious… don’t die of laughter…
they are so serious that some idiots might take this for real…
n do as they say in japan…

“Maa maa maa maa” …. “Oh toh toh toh”
rofl …
now, who’s going to pour sake for me?

all thanks to Simin who asked me to watch this yesterday night…
it kind of calms my wrecked nerves… lmao


明日は友達のKSとリフォンのウエッディング。でもね、明日も,俺の運転テスト。残念〜 死にたい〜
今晩、皆とKSはジュロングへ行った。「最後のBachelor’s Night」を祝う、たくさん酒を飲む、美味しい食べ物をたくさん食べる、美しい女を見る、皆楽しいな〜
行きたい!!!俺も行きたい!!ウエッディングも、「最後のBachelor’s Night」も、イーキーターイ!


i fell in love with this song…
i didn’t take notice of it even when i first heard it in 下弦の月’s concert…
i thought it was crappy…
/slap myself… HOW COULD I?
this is such a lovely song…
i decided to get myself the “Mizerable” single

huh? the singer? duhz
it’s GACKT!

here’s a video containing the song…
the anime’s Gravitation. (a shounen-ai aka boy-love-boy kind of anime, but not hardcore contents inside; so even if u are extremely homophobic, it should be fine… haha)

the song is soooo nice…

Read More »

places i remember in singapore… hmm
NONE! i really felt like writing 「先生、ないよ!!」 and hand it up to my jap teacher, but im so afraid that she will faint at the sight of my essay… so i wrote her a long long one… but it makes no sense to me…
(anyway..there’s all the です and formal forms coz ‘IM STILL AT FREAKING LOUSY INTERMEDIATE LVL’
so please bear with my lousy japanese!! ^_^)


that’s the end of my essay.. it’s stupid