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omg, this is going to be the most amount of effort and time that I ever put into anything related to Computer Engineering.

The main reason – It’s much more interesting, and I can put in anything I want!

here’s some of my works.
They are ridiculously hideous, but I still think my red chair is cute. It’s made up of ellipsoids and paraboloids – i.e. it’s purely constructed with mathematical formulas!
I’m god! hahahhaha

(Acutally, anyone in my course can flick/snap/twist their fingers and produce something a million times more complicated than my “designer” chair) 😀

Here’s the chair i made for one of the assignments. I love the metallic feel and the butt groove that i created! Homer might like it, it’ll fit his!

I prefer the red one! It’s the same design, but I just like it red.
and when it’s transparent, it looks superbly in sync with the future! hurhurhur~


My mac went down yesterday. So I practically went bonked.
I canceled my driving lesson today so that Eric could come up and help me troubleshoot the computer.

The whole night, I was practically having a nervous breakdown. I had to use my laptop for everything. The emotions were something along the line of ” #@$@%^&^”. I did everything I could (except re-installing the OS), but it just wouldn’t budge. I must have restarted my mac like a hundred times before i finally gave up and succumbed to using my laptop for the rest of the night.

I couldn’t believe it. I felt like shit. It’s like… I cannot live without my mac. AHHHH!

But I’m really glad that it’s fixed now.
Thank you Eric! You’re being such a sweetie! I know you’re really tired today (esp after having TWO presentations). Rest Well tonight!


no comments…
I use a Mac but i think it’s really up to each individual which OS you prefer…


but this is hilarious~


Well, i haven’t been updating in days …. work has been really … erm ok, not THAT busy, still manageable (actually i still have time to surf net, rot and fall asleep during working hours) but i’ve been marathoning Burning Crusade (World of Warcraft Expansion) everyday after work.

With the help of Eric, i’ve shifted my mac to the proper computer table that i have. The old PC used to occupy that spot, but i’ve given the main part to Melvin (my cousin) and sold the monitor to Garang Guni (old goods collector). haha so there, my mac in its new home!

Eric – The most helpful house Goblin!

Please ignore my hilariously untidy room… haha
i’m a lazy person.


looking at myself in the mirror…
n the super glue by my mac…
i realized that i need this…

recommanded by dear Gwuinifer..

n of course i can also get the Oto Trimax

now…hmm..when will i have extra money?