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YESS! I’m waiting for this scene to happen… ::ahemz::

haha… i’m only at episode 3. and I’m writing this post as I wait for 4 & 5 to load… 😀
Kate (Evangeline Lily) is HOT! and Sawyer is sooo gooood….
I’m falling in love with him.

Kate looked really good in the dress that “The Others” made her wear in Episode 1. LOVE IT! ::oogles::
She makes me look like an ogre in a similar dress that i have… ::blush::

and the love between Sun and her husband… oh man! It’s so touching… and un-korean. haha
I love the way Lost presents the betrayal and all. shall not say anymore :X

I shall type less…and watch more.

::wide grin::



OMG im so glad i was surfing around youtube while waiting for eric to finish his jap homework.

i found this! a combination of all the season 3 promos… hehe

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