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Category Archives: ゲーム

I just got myself a new board game – Tannhäuser and it’s NEW in the market! (at least in Singapore)
Though we’ve (Eric & yours truly) only played it once, it’s so cool that I can’t wait to play it again.

I just wanna post the photos on it; kinda not feeling well today. Even though I believe I can ramble on and on about this game that has the nicest artwork I’ve seen so far, I think I had better head back to bed and lie face down (& try not to suffocate myself).

can’t wait to get more of the expansions when they’re out here…


and maybe XBox360 …

Square Enix releasing The Last Remnant next year.. i hope~

now i have something else to look forward to…. other than FFXIII … HAHA!

oh and there’s Devil May Cry 4… Resident Evil 5…
im so glad that i’ll be graduating next year…


After trying countless times… I finally solved the latest “Grow” flash game from

haha it’s Eric’s turn to solve it now.. i shall not tell him the solution… not that i can remember though… I tried too many times… 😀


Cinematic Trailer for Starcraft2

Terran units were updated and it’s so so so pretty! (not in the pretty girl – pretty – kind of way)

but the features and details are fantastic… the improved 3D grahics gave me goosebumps…

I’ll wanna play the Protoss though… 😀


i don’t think i can ever get to 80, solve the never ending chain of quests, and get the 1st Hero Class….

I haven’t even got my netherdrake yet….


P/s: but i thought being able to interact (kill?) Arthas is farking cool. It’s like revenging for Hearthglen … and my Illidan 😀