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I’ve just updated one of the pages – My List :: All Time Favorite Animes



This should be my favorite Gundam series! More so than MS Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny!

Favorite character to date: Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy) – Gundam Meister of Dynames~ The Sniper! WOOT!
LOVE HIM! It’s soooo rare for me to like a gentle & nice character who doesn’t wear glasses, and has relatively short hair.. blah~


Title: Daybreak’s Bell
Artist/Band: L’Arc~en~Ciel
Album/Single: Daybreak’s Single Gundam 00 OP1 …

Side note: Gundam 00 is GREAT GREAT GREAT! It might be my mostest favoritest Gundam ever! Shall post about it in detail after my exams!

Video :

This is the Live version of Daybreak’s Bell … posted before the release of the single. Read More »

A song that I’ve taken a liking for.
This song was used as the ending theme in the final episode of NANA – I’m not sure if it’s used in other episodes ‘cos I don’t usually watch the anime; I only caught the last 2 episodes! (me <– NANA manga person)

The tune is really nice plus the lyrics suited my mood today. Read More »

Another version that I didn’t really like.

Okay, the situation was something like that – Conrad (supposedly) betrayed Shin Makoku & Yuuri (the Maou) & joined the Humans side (Big Shimaron & the evil King Belal). In this scene, King Belal had gotten his hands on Yuuri & gang (which includes Wolfram, Günter, Huber, Murata Ken & Leila from Franshire). Conrad was then asked to execute Yuuri (!!!) which he acknowledged the command with NO hesistation and proceeded towards Yuuri with the Ma-ken (Demon Sword) – Morgif.

He then said this entire quote to Yuuri.

The translation for the quote (of Conrad) goes something like that: Read More »