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The day before yesterday … we went trekking into the deeper parts of my daddy’s place. Armed with nothing but a pair of track pants, long sleeve top (one that was really not suitable for the rough conditions that I went through) and flats (those that you’ll wear to town, along with shorts or skirts; without wearing socks too!!!)… I went along with my dad, Eric (who was wearing the same pair of FBT trackpants and an extra windbreaker that was borrowed from someone else), my dad’s wife, another man who knows his way around the mass undergrowth and overGROWN grassland, a little boy who was very kind & sweet ‘cos he sometimes waited for the really-slow-walking-dragged-everyone’s pace down-YOURS TRULY and helped carried water, which was life-saving!

We did lose our way a few times! It wasn’t very bad because we did find our way in the end~ and it was really very fun!
The weather was fantastic – a little cooling, yet not too cold… There was sunshine yet not too glaring and overbearing!
Perfect for a little excursion like this!
ok, not a little but MASSIVE (for me) …
I like stuff like that… but I would really prefer if I were wearing more suitable footwear!
Boots would be PUUURFECT! I would have trampled through the mud (if there was any) like nobody’s business and confidently stride through the sharp blades of grass and protruding branches that stuck out like death traps without any worries.
Cautiously lifting my legs in order not to get my insteps cut and stabbed by the grass blades & branches proved to be more tiring than the trek itself! Moreoever, it’s frustrating! Despite my efforts, the exposed parts of my feet still got a few scraps (though it was nothing serious) …
Eric did get his hand cut towards the end when he was trying to help me up from a water hole-lookalike. There was nothing for me to grab on (to climb up the hole) and therefore he had to get himself up first and give me a hand…
I’m not making much sense here since I couldn’t really recall what happened then.
All I could remember was, Eric went “Ouch!” or was it “Shit!” and his hand was bleeding…
Luckily, we were near the exit! not that it’s an official exit or something, we just randomly walked… with my dad and the experienced (know the way) guide in front hacking our way through the branches that stuck out… the branches would most probably grew their way back, blocking the “path” we cut through by now.

ahhh … I wanna do it again.
this time, with boots and suitable attire!
the weather can stay the same! 😀



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