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Eric’s favorite food amongst the many delicacies here.
There’s the uberlicious roast pork (sweet or salted versions), noodles (home cooked), Tom Yum Goong or River Fish … ahhh~ Endless selections …
but nooo … he’s ultra loyal to his SUCKLING PIG!

Here’s a toast to his loyalty!

we went to the restaurant that serves THE infamous Eric’s-SPig yesterday! it was a 1 hour (plus minus 15 mins) drive from my dad’s place and we reached there around 12 plus Thai time for lunch.

My dad ordered all the stuff and while waiting there were little girls selling peanuts and fruits (for appetitizers, I think)…
my dad’s mother-in-law bought a few packets from them … his mother-in-law came all the way from Sukothai (wonder if the spelling is right) to visit her daughter, sons and grandchildren.
anyway … they served the food and here’re the pictures~

There were lotsa people with us for lunch this time.
It was really joyous and blissful!

My sisters, Eric and I!

Qin Feng(Nui) and her grandmother! 😀

My favorite auntie!! I seem to only have this picture of her… SORRY!

Qin Yu(Ma Yi = Ants in Mandarin Chinese) and her mommy! I love this series of pictures… don’t know why but I find these pics really beautiful!
I think i repeated myself too many times…
bo bian, i too long winded…Eric getting sick of me repeating that I like the 3 photos, posting them wherever I can…
but they’re soooooo beautiful~

Here’s where we had the Suckling Pig … just beside Mekong River…
On the other side of the bank, it’s Laos, you can vaguely see the silhouette of the mountains!
it’s grand when I look from this side of the bank – makes me wanna take a deep breath! (don’t know why!)



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