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I need to collect these … (Gwuinifer sent me the link and I can’t stop browsing and browsing and browsing and drooling + melting amongst the massive tab-browsing)

Take a look at these amazing dolls @

my favorite female shall be LAHOO ~ (one of their designer’s doll); I think you can design your own, if u wanna buy the head, body, wigs, clothes and stuff separately @ more than 3-digits-kinda price per piece…

here are some of the others that caught my attention… they are soooo pretty! I’m going mad~ again…



  1. Did you seer the Camine doll? I got that one. D.O.T.’S are my favorite type of BJD’s

  2. Hi! I love them!!!! I will have to start a huge save money status!

    anyway … do you know which are the names for all this type of dolls? i always search for “korean dolls” but i have no idea which type are they

    have you look the “dollsomm” page? the Geme section has amazing ones!


    Take care!

  3. Wow. This is cute. Gotta treat myself with those cute Korean dolls 😉

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