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I’m going mad & I couldn’t believe my eyes (which are seeing stars now) when I read this,

“Computer Engineers’ main goal, which is significant for professional status, is the desire to better human condition today and in the future, through the improved use of information.”

Aren’t we noble, selfless and altruistic?!?

Defining “Profession” first!
“Profession is distinguished by pioneer professions such as medicine, law and engineering. It’s prestigious (!!) and commands respect (i never knew that engineering commands respect in any form, except our ability to pull through farking hellish exams). Professionals are a controlled group, even elites and considered exclusive.”
i.e. Not anybody can be a professional … but of course … this is a rather old definition of profession.

but after that, I came across this passage that contradicts the altruistic nature of Computer Engineers.

“Professionals possess and have studied some discipline in detail and depth. This enables them to possess a specialized body of knowledge, which is usually used in the advancement of civilization. (Every member of a profession seems really noble and deserving of some noble prize) So, there is a need to highlight or separate certain jobs as professional, to give it status, to give recognition to it as an occupation which society NEEDS as important for its functioning.”

WTF … What about all the big talk about answering some calling and provide service based upon whatever we have left after the the exam-monster and fucked-up lecturers (+ bitchy lab tech who does nothing but flirt with disgusting guys and chat on the smelly cordless phone) dissolve much of our brain cells.
If we need the recognition, status and HIGH PAY? Why all the talk-cock-sing-song about the benefit of man-kind?

That’s why I hate being an engineer… just by being employed as a

“Network Security Executive Consultant”
(read: IT Guy who hooks up printers &/or troubleshoot Microsoft Windows VISTA bugs or hangs for EVERYONE in the department)

it’s like I’m announcing out loud,

“Nonoonoo…. I really wanna help mankind! Money, status and recognition are just the LITTLE (farking big; and ARE THE MAIN POINT OF ME BEING A FARKING ENGINEER, IN WHICH I FARKING PREFER TO BE A ROCK STAR, for the records) incentives that comes along with this FANTASTIC OCCUPATION.” — Angeline smiles the most geniune grin she can think of. (imitating Ben Stiller)

I need some crack, NOW!



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