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I have realised that I should no longer hide behind Eric’s “praises” & pampering.
Therefore, with the completion of my first full-length prologue, I shall announce that I do have another blog (space) where I do a little writing.

I’m extremely inferior when it comes to writing, but I love my ideas! (That’s why I’m still hanging on with my pinky.)
My very first try was something about time traveling & chaos theory, but one of my close friend then made a joke out of it. (And at the same time indicating that my first chapter sounded like some pornographic, hentai japanese manga story; Come to think of it… it sure did!)
I was extremely disheartened; went into self-loathing and stopped trying to write for a very very long time.

By the time I, quite literally, picked up my courage to write, it was about a year later.
I was inspired by Blade and came up with a story on vampires. Fantasy and Science fiction have also been my thing. I like alternate worlds and worships the idea of “What if…?” when thinking in relation to reality.
My vampire story was titled “Condamned”. To make things easy for myself, I wrote very short chapters at the beginning. The content and style were pretty much graphic novel style and not much effort was put into the language – yes, I admit all these!
I still love my idea, and would love to re-write Condamned, starting from the origins that Eric and I spun out of our weirdo minds.
Old Chapters of Condamned can be found in my deviantArt gallery. 😀

The very first piece that I actually posted on Cross and Burn was a short writing I did when I was still an intern @ Siemens. It’s a pseudo world where the people are living on a piece of floating cardboard box. It was a reflection of my frustration for office politics, but I did not continue the story.

After “Cardboard Nation”, I went on to try out different ideas of mine in both English and Chinese. They are all posted in Cross and Burn but most of them are just short prologues. Also included are little writings (not much of a story) that I composed when certain ideas just hit me out of nowhere. They are under the category of “Little Words”.

Many of the projects are still untitled though. 😀

Oh … if you can read Chinese, please help me by reading through my first full-length prologue titled 「花菀」:: 『曇花祭』之 序章.
It would be great if you can give me some comments about the style, language and content.

here’s an extract:


所谓的“昙花祭”便是为了本家最手欢迎的才姬 - “昙” 而立的标会。

(五)在时效过了之后,赢得此祭的贵人不得参与接下的“昙花祭”有 - 两祭。

许多想成为专属拥有才姬 - “昙”的客人,在阅读完毕的同时,也随着“昙花祭”渐渐逼近地脚步而慢慢地失去控制理性思考与金银价值观的考量。大多数的谜魂者的思考处都停在规则(三)的“这时效之内,才姬绝不会会见其他客人”,却没多少人会为在九十日后的自己设身处地地想一想。

第五条规则的残酷度应有万箭穿心,全身遭红蚁痛咬 - 手脚却被捆绑般地难受吧。

P/S:I’m really bad @ written humor and romantic writing; I’m still trying to learn and practise.



  1. wah.. the chinese very chim..
    really power lah..

  2. haha chim meh?
    i was thinking that it’s not chim ‘cos it’s written in simplified chinese and much of it is in fairly modern speech.


    I study bioInfo until I wanna peng san alrdy!!

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