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but … it was really RIDICULOUS!

read the story of what kinda happened on Eric’s post. He managed to describe the situation in a rather objective manner despite the freaking subjective cynicism.
compared to his depictions, my comments were all the more – CHILDISH….
but i like them.

Here’s my reply:

First, you are one guy (too MATURE-looking for his own good) with a belly sitting on a couch (maybe not COUCH couch, but a plastic chair in front of your computer); doing similar stuff.

Second, I SO TOTALLY AGREE with the absurdity in the situation!
I was there with you, and, if not for the fatality of the increasing volume in human traffic, I would have stayed on, “hogging” the seat and whipped out your laptop.
Note: Laptop usage will not be anything that concerns itself to exams, but refractory online “window”-shopping!

So… studying for exams versus shopping-talks with fellow gal-mates?
I bet no one will bother three gorgeous babes talking about expensive Betsey Johnson pumps, but poor Eric was harassed and “chased” out just because he was studying.
And, how about people who were playing poker cards at the corner, HOGGING the couch for GAME!
Usually, there’s absolutely nothing wrong… I would even bring my coolest boardgame – being Tannhauser – to Starbucks and “hog” the cleanest table with the most-comfortable looking couch. But!! If anyone, nice and sensitive enough, thinks about the situation for a little bit more, it’s so unfair to us.

We paid for your drinks! (if that’s what they wanted)
The guy at the other corner was there even before we came into your puny little cafe (ok, not that puny).
Why were we “asked” to leave just because “study-hours” are over?
Come to think of it, Study-hours in a coffee place…

Aren’t cafes there for people to sit around, “enjoy” the aromatic fragrance of their drinks and surroundings and do whatever they please so as long they don’t disturb others?

If seat-hogging (through their definition) means taking up the seats for a “prolong” of time…
What if…
One day, I brought along my favourite book – which is Saiunkoku Monogatari (translated into Chinese) – to Starbucks.
Sat there, eagerly trying to finish the Light Novel that I had just gotten my hands on.
I don’t think anyone would come up to me, show me a card with “Reading Hours” and nicely “inform” me that I need to leave and GIVE up my seat ‘coz reading hours were over.
Or maybe…
she would. (Drawing up a “Reading-Hours” card just for the following reason)
She might have seen my Cheena-book…
and think… omg~ What a cheena person.
how can anyone decent be reading a chinese book (make that a “cheena-book”)?
and proceed to draw up her very own “Reading-hours” card for the very purpose of chasing me away…

I’m very childish I know.

But seriously, I do understand that there are mindless people insensitively taking up the seats with no intention of leaving; I guess that’s why the “Studying Hours” card came into operation.

I just find the ludicrousness of this situation —– IRRITATING!! FUCKING IRRITATING….

ahhh … i feel a little teeny weeny bit … better~



Starbucks’ Woman —-> Σ(゚д´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ <—- Beautiful Heroine!! (Yours Truely)


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