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I went Kinokuniya to get some stuff today.
After that, I kinda went into a fit for no particular reason, refused to go home & glued my butt to the very hard chair in Starbucks@TheCathay…
Read the new magazine that I bought, and finished preparing for one of the movie that I wanna write for my Magic Realism paper.

Quite a fruitful day, I would say.

I haven’t been studying much. If I look at my schedule now, I would most definitely break into sobs of uncertainty, I think…
Nah, I seriously doubt the possibility of that scenerio.

It’s like enlightenment, what I’ve gotten and understood. I love myself more and more as the days go by.
I hope that my dream will come true. Even though the absurdity (to the puny commoners out there) is at the peak of the scale, and even though I know 99% of the people around me will think that I’m day dreaming, 90% of them will not support my decision, 79% will choose to ridicule me; using their superior plight (e.g. getting a “highly” paid OFFICE 8 to 5 job right after graduation! Dear acquaintance, I’m just not cut out to be an engineer like you, nor am I cut out to be caged in an office, like you!) to put me down, (please indulge me in my little run-on sentences here)
I’m really fortunate & feel VERY fortunate to have someone who understands, respects and supports me 300% (note: 300% > 100%; he believes in me more than I do) …

Thanks, my dear Eric! MUACKS!


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