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You can call me a hypocrite or any other names near that term. I don’t mind.
Usually, I’ll tolerate people who stepped over the line even for my standards. I’m considered a fairly forgiving and easy-going person. (not that easy-going during group work but I always put the group’s interest & team’s morale above mine)

This time, I’m not going to take it down.
Not only he looked down on me, he bullied my friend & he treated the rest of the group like we have low IQ or something.

Dear leader of 419 Assignment, we do know simple things like Essential Genes and the deadline for the assignment.

(click to read details)

How can someone assume such stuff?
First, he was SELF-APPOINTED. Second, he did not EVER hold a meeting or discussion with us. Third, he basically sent us “PROCEDURES” for all the “WORK” that we were supposed to do and some of them were wrong; at least i think so.
Last, he would always finish his stuff, without telling anyone about anything, and send us the instructions from what he did. WHO THE FUCK DETERMINED THAT HIS WORK WAS 100% CORRECT?
I thought that bugger was like sooo intelligent that he had the balls to send us PROCEDURES, dictating us, monopolizing the entire group’s activity; being lazy, I followed. I hate myself now. I should have checked first.
His instructions were fucking unclear, he can’t even seem to express himself well! He doesn’t even know how to use PAINT (from windows). I should have known it. Fuck!
Which idiot would do screen shots, showing the rest of the world that he’s also using things like MIRC, IE (like millions of windows opened) and other softwares? Like, WHO IN THE WORLD STILL USES IE?!?!?!?!?!
other than people who needs it to test their design or whatever, coz there’re idiots out there like him.

He once commented on my “LAST MINUTE WORK”!
and wow oh wow… you wanna know why?
Other than the fact that I sarcastically told him one that I love last minute work, which is 75% true; and he took it like the bible (*wink*). What a baby, give him a lollipop and you’ll get his mommy’s wallet that he was holding for her. (which mother in the right mind will let that kind of son hold the wallet for her *shrugs*)
There’s this other incident. I volunteered to compile the final report for the group – since I felt bad for not “being there for their meetings” (in which there were few, if not none). He agreed but i doubt he actually took it into consideration. What a snob.
Wanna know why I think so? After many many many months, he sent us a fianl_report_dratf.doc (note: misspelling on purpose) with all the “current” stuff he had in it.
It was one of the ugliest compiled report I’ve seen; it’s the truth.
I, very nicely, told him, “could I make some changes to the compiled report that you sent us? to make it look more presentable?” along that line, in msn.
you wanna guess what he said?
“sure. but no last min work.”
I simple went MAD.
Can you imagine?
Who did he think he was?

I feel really bad now. I hate myself for not bringing up all these shit about him earlier.
Now, there’re problems and the dateline is only a week away.
He’s crapping shit about wanting to do more things, BUT!
asking other group members to do it.
LAST MINUTE “delegation”!!
like just today, he asked someone else to do some drug research after she finished doing the 100 ROWS!! when in the first place, he asked for 10 only.
Just because he finished his 100 first.
What a fucking jerk.

SO! I exploded. I give people respect, and I expect the same amount back – to my friends & I.
I hate bastards who don’t respect others. That’s so basic and yet he can’t even do that.
An “A” in your beloved Bioinformatics will not bring you anywhere, my dear leader.

anyway, I sent an email to everyone, asking for a meeting asap.

here’s the content. I thought it was kinda hilarious although I wrote it in a fit of anger.
I do write funny things when I’m angry.

“… …
Hi everyone,

to Leader:
who was the one who decided on the abrupt change to do 100 rows each?
did everyone agree on this? any discussion that was held?
if there was, and there’s a majority vote; I’ll definitely do it.
if not, I suggest a meeting by tomorrow.

As all of us DEFINITELY know, the dateline is 9 Nov 2007. We don’t have much time to do all these LAST MINUTE work that you suddenly “announced” & “instructed”.
You have to understand that we have our own commitments to fulfill. I remember you sending us a mail, delegating the job of 10 rows each. Unless I misinterpreted your message then, I already did TWENTY and I believed I fulfilled “your requirements”.
If you wanted 100 rows each, you should have considered telling us earlier, or call for a discussion instead of deciding everything yourself.
That’s not very convincing as a leader; at least to me.

to everyone else:
I find the serious need to meet up as soon as possible to discuss about the project – in terms of content & our team work. This really doesn’t seem like teamwork to me; more like autocracy. I really regret not pointing all these out earlier and I apologize to everyone. There is really a need for everyone to sit together and talk about our issues, miscommunication & misunderstandings. Furthermore, if there is a discussion, we can see how far everyone has gone, and decide (together) how we should proceed from there.

I suggest a meeting tomorrow, 1 November 2007 Thursday.
Hope to get your replies soon.

Yours Sincerely,
Angeline Ng

PS: In case someone doesn’t know the meaning of autocracy, like how he thinks we don’t know simple things like Essential genes. Here’s the definition.

An autocracy is a form of government in which the political power is held by a single self appointed ruler, usually a dictator.
Oh, you can always google “autocracy, wiki” too ya know? 🙂

… …”

argh… I’m still so pissed…
why do such people exist?



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