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This is an animated video clip for this Italian ” Metal / Alternative / Industrial” songwriter(?)/artist(!) …
and his name is Bre Beskyt Dyrene!!
his music is COOL!

I personally fell in love with the song “Strix” from the first album “Un Caso Isolato”.
but i can’t find any video or clips for this song, unless i do illegal downloads. (which is not my preference, nowadays~)
Gothronic had very nicely reviewed his debut album.

I shall continue to try! (He doesn’t even have a wiki page… *sob*)

Another band that I came to like is the Swedish death metal turned progressive rock band (for now, I guess it’s a fusion of all) – Opeth!
The first song I ever heard from them was “Advent” from their 1996/7 Morningrise Album.
Note: Their album art is OMG-it-s-freaking-gorgeous!!!
Listening to the song reminds me of X-Japan’s Live version for Orgasm in terms of track time and feel.

Here’s the live version.
The original track lasts a lil’ more than 13mins.


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