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Another version that I didn’t really like.

Okay, the situation was something like that – Conrad (supposedly) betrayed Shin Makoku & Yuuri (the Maou) & joined the Humans side (Big Shimaron & the evil King Belal). In this scene, King Belal had gotten his hands on Yuuri & gang (which includes Wolfram, Günter, Huber, Murata Ken & Leila from Franshire). Conrad was then asked to execute Yuuri (!!!) which he acknowledged the command with NO hesistation and proceeded towards Yuuri with the Ma-ken (Demon Sword) – Morgif.

He then said this entire quote to Yuuri.

The translation for the quote (of Conrad) goes something like that:

“Does your Majesty believe in Time?
Time gives us happiness, but it can also take everything away from us.
During the 15 years that I waited for your Majesty to grow up and for the day when you would come to this world,
Time gave me happiness every day.
And after you came to this world…

This is my conclusion, made during all the time that I have been with you.”

and this is what happened after that –

This part could just be my 2nd favourite scene in the entire series of 78 episodes.

Right at the top would be the scene when Conrad told Yuuri to stay put in the closet on the ship.
The post is here.

and yes yes, I know I should be studying for my exams; or at least be doing something about my FYP.
I shudder at the thought of Alexei Sourin (my FYP professor) now.


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