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omg! i look like Jet Li, Takuya Kimura & Hideaki Takizawa.
This really proved something.
All asians look alike. HAHA!

here’s eric’s analysis –

his was really funny ‘cos Anita Mui appeared both the time I tried for his pictures. and his mom is an avid fan of hers.

other tries: (Click to enlarge picture)

note: similarities with Leslies Cheung = 72%! He’s Eric’s favourite singer! All time favourite! omg… now I know why.
YAY! Jenny Shimizu! I like the part about her rumored to be Angelina Jolie’s partner! WOO!

remember to laugh very loud for Eric’s tries!!
His lookalikes are mostly non-asians. sheesh~
as much as I hate Jolin Tsai (and she appeared on my lookalike!!!), Jay Chou appeared on his! ROFL!
Top of the list at that! (orh bi!)

The Scary Truth about families!

Celebrities Collage – Try it!!


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