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omg, this is going to be the most amount of effort and time that I ever put into anything related to Computer Engineering.

The main reason – It’s much more interesting, and I can put in anything I want!

here’s some of my works.
They are ridiculously hideous, but I still think my red chair is cute. It’s made up of ellipsoids and paraboloids – i.e. it’s purely constructed with mathematical formulas!
I’m god! hahahhaha

(Acutally, anyone in my course can flick/snap/twist their fingers and produce something a million times more complicated than my “designer” chair) 😀

Here’s the chair i made for one of the assignments. I love the metallic feel and the butt groove that i created! Homer might like it, it’ll fit his!

I prefer the red one! It’s the same design, but I just like it red.
and when it’s transparent, it looks superbly in sync with the future! hurhurhur~


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