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My mac went down yesterday. So I practically went bonked.
I canceled my driving lesson today so that Eric could come up and help me troubleshoot the computer.

The whole night, I was practically having a nervous breakdown. I had to use my laptop for everything. The emotions were something along the line of ” #@$@%^&^”. I did everything I could (except re-installing the OS), but it just wouldn’t budge. I must have restarted my mac like a hundred times before i finally gave up and succumbed to using my laptop for the rest of the night.

I couldn’t believe it. I felt like shit. It’s like… I cannot live without my mac. AHHHH!

But I’m really glad that it’s fixed now.
Thank you Eric! You’re being such a sweetie! I know you’re really tired today (esp after having TWO presentations). Rest Well tonight!



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