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Warning! Spoilers Ahead & a large number of slide shows!

Desire CMAX (in Japanese) a.k.a. Desire Climax
Note: I couldn’t find the translated/taiwan version, so I bought the original one off the shelves of Kinokuniya~

Comic By: 右京あやね (Ukyou Ayane)
Number of Volumes: 1 – 7
Status: Completed
Summary: Rich guy 陣内将英 (Jinnai Shouei) likes poor girl 大森美緒 (Oomori Mio). His interests are: bullying her, ignoring her in school, teasing her and wearing glasses despite having contact lenses. Mio-chan got hired to work part-time in the Jinnai’s household… hahahaha Interesting things are going to happen, aren’t they?

Comments: Erm, the story’s not at all revolutionary but the art is GORGEOUS! The male character Shouei-sama is one of the most charismatic male manga character I’ve came across, and I love his sexiness to the very last bits. YUM!
He kinda has a split personality.

Favourite Character(s): 陣内将英 – Shouei-sama, OF COURSE! duhz…

Glasses on: normal prince charming, nice to all people, gentlemen …yada yada (i usually hate guys like that). but I must say he looks damn bloody good (and HOT!) with glasses on!!

Glasses off: prince of darkness… uberliciously sexy!!! I would die for him! his eyes have the power to melt you through the manga book. I melted like a million times before I can control my emotions. He’s super duper possessive, and passionate! you can kinda imagine how things are like in this manga.

– 獨領風騷~The One~ (Du2 Ling3 Feng1 Sao1)

Comic By: 李崇萍 Nicky Lee
Number of Volumes: 1 – 4
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Modeling is not that easy eh? 樂樂(Le4 Le4) will tell you her side of the story. There’re TONS and TONS of bishounens in this one. I love Nicky Lee’s art especially when it’s a little similar to Ai Yazawa’s (Nana’s Mangaka). Lele’s deceased parents were both models, and her mom was one of the best you can find. However, Lele did not want to fulfil her mom’s and her aunt’s aspirations and dreams of becoming an international top model. She thinks that the modeling industry is superficial and materialistic. This kind of mentality stayed that way until she saw Angus Lanson’s works. She feels that his works are more of art works than modeling. So she became motivated to enter the industry…all because she wanna get closer to him. Well, the thing is, our dear Angus has a twin brother who is a show director – he directs fashion shows. His name is Eros Lanson. Spotting identical looks, Eros is of the opposite character when compared to Angus. Be ready for the attack of the Lanson brothers!!

Comments: Story’s superb. Exceptional artwork especially on the gorgeous models and Lele’s mom. She draws really cute and humorous Q-characters that never fails to tickle me. Can’t wait for the next book!

Favourite Character(s):

– 艾洛斯 蓝森 Eros Lanson

Glasses, split personality, a little evil (有一點壞壞的~), intelligent, strict, fierce(sometimes), don’t know how to express his concern for Lele and he likes to wander around like a vagabond…
with all these characteristics… it’s almost impossible for me to not love him. HA!

– 藤樂樂 Teng Lele

She’s sooo pretty, though a little dumb, lacks a sense of direction, and super duperly clumsy! She falls on the stage like nobody’s business and goes off rolling on streets. Despite all these, she’s still one of my favourite character!

– 安格斯 蓝森 Angus Lanson

Big Fat Flirt, horny, easy (in all ways; especially with women), likes to stick with his elder twin (note the “Koala Hug”), jealous of people who are close to Eros and possessive of his elder twin! Puurrfect man~
Quoted from someone in the manga (some woman that i don’t like): 「…简直就是棵会走动的桃花树…」
she’s trying to say, he’s a walking woman magnet, walking honey among bees, or along the line of him having extreme luck with women.

– 粉紅系男孩 (Fen3 Hong2 Xi4 Nan2 Hai2)
Note: The japanese title is actually オトメン(乙男).

Comic By: 菅野文 Kanno Aya
Number of Volumes: 1 – 2
Status: Ongoing
Summary: It’s only been 2 volumes. I don’t know much about this title, except for a good-looking (not my kind though) Kendo & Judo & Karata exper, goody-goody senpai kind likes pinkish and girls’ stuff (you name it, he likes it; esp shoujo manga) instead of the usual interests that a guy might wanna have. His mom is really (absurdly) sensitive about this issue since his father left their family, indicating that he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a “woman”. (that must have freaked his mommy out)
Oh, he heroically saved a girl from “gangsters” and so happens that she’s his type. The biggest coincidence in the world would be, this girl has no sense or whatsoever of a lady. Another interesting fact! His favourite manga 「就是要爱你」- a romantic manga, is written by his friend (a lady’s man & flirt on the surface), based on this guy’s attempt @ woo-ing this girl.

Comments: Warp~ but i’m also looking forward to this story, since it’s rather out of the world.

Favourite Character(s): none…yet~

– 宫 Goong (Gong1)

Comic By: 朴素熙 Park So-Hee
Number of Volumes: 1 – 14
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Poor girl (Shin Chae-Gyeong) gets engaged to the Crown Prince (Lee Shin), through an agreement of their grandfathers. Love, politics, monarchy, friendship, family ties, separation and all worldly emotions got pulled into the world of Chae-Gyeong & Shin as they fall in love. But as usual, they started off with hating each other. He thinks she’s a big fat busy body and she thinks he’s a snobbish snob who thinks the world revolves around himself. I Love the kick.

Comments: Just one sentence to describe this wonderful series, since most of you might know the story through the Kdrama.
The drama is nothing compared to the manhwa. 😀 The art, culture, buildings, traditional clothings and the story~ Omg, the comic artist is good. Very good!

Favourite character(s): Lee Shin & Chae-Gyeong

I love this pair to the very last bits. I feel pain when she does, and happiness when they finally admitted their love for each other.

!Updates Current Collection & Buys!

– 花樣半月刊
note: the image below of the magazine is an outdated one! (dated 2005) I’m really lazy to scan my copy coz it’s 0243hrs! LAZY~

I just bought two issues (20/09/07 & 05/10/07) of it and I’m so excited with the little gifts that came with the magazine. (stupid me!)
There’s the 粉紅系男孩 mini-folder and a little paper bag of this series that I don’t follow and will never do. oh oh oh! 獨領風騷 Weekly planners & some unknown series postcards. Hehe~

This magazine comes out on the 5th and 20th of the month. I’ll have to move my arse to Kino just to buy them. (BAH!)
But it’s really cute… and fun. and …and… i guess i really have nothing to do.

– 完美小姐進化論 by 早川智子 Hayakawa Tomoko
note: the japanese title is ヤマとナデシコ七変化 (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)

I bought volume 18 & 19 just recently, just to realize that I haven’t read volume 16 & 17 which i kept rotting in my shelf.
so all in all, i gotta read FOUR volumes of this title. Oh my gawd.

– 月亮的尾巴 by 上田輪子 Ueda Rinko

I bought volume 14! and the next book will be the last one. I’ve already read the last few chapters, and I cried!! like mad!
coz…coz… I’ve been collecting this series for really long, and…and… when it ended, i guess I felt lost. There’s no more Usagi & Hanzo-sama~ No more Yuki-chan and no more my mostest favouritest Ranmaru!!! CRY!

Favourite Characters:

– 森蘭丸 Mori Ranmaru

As you can see with the massive amount of pictures – I’m obsessed with Ranmaru!
I’m utterly devastated with the ending! bah!

– 兔と半蔵様 Usagi and Hanzo

Another couple that I’ve totally fallen in love with. Can’t love one without the other.

Note: some dialogs are deleted to prevent major spoilers


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