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“I fell in love with the way Fuyumi-sensei depicted the balance in her world and her characters… and the various magnificent fantastic elements that her imagination had spun off the folklores from her native country as well as China. This is my favourite novel of all time. BUT! Fuyumi-sensei did not finish (or she doesn’t seem like she’s intending to) this series. She created this world, very much alive, and real … living on its own but she doesn’t want to share with her fans anymore… CRY!”

this is the very first time I fell in love with a novel, not for the charismatic characters, nor was it for the CUTE Bishounens/shoujos (not that there’s a whole truckload of them in this story; beauty is NOT an issue here) depicted in the anime (that sent me running to Kinokuniya to buy the novel).
The world that Fuyumi-sensei had given life to was very much a reflection of modern society.

Gaijin policy, alienation, isolation, diplomacy (true meaning?), religion or dependency?, faith or a lack of will-power…and lots more.

I remember the han juu (half-beast) Rakushunn told Youko before,
in order to get good results, you just have to study;
in order to get rich, you’ll just have to save up;
in order to for a good harvest, it’ll have to depend on good weather and land conditions (fertility of the land);

something along this line… i don’t remember much…
The novel I’m reading is way past this point in the story.
but I still love the ideas portrayed in the different milestones

there’s another thing that I 500% agree upon … this scholar ,who was also from “the other world”, staying in En, told Yuka (Youko’s friend)…

“A capable person who knows him/herself well will never say that he/she is capable of being a ruler” – same rule applies for all sorts of leadership roles.

Yuka was one person that thought she was brought to this world because it was meant to be “her world” and she was the “chosen one” …. when she knew that Youko was actually a ruler of a country… she went hysterical and into self-denial mode, claiming that she was supposed to be “the one” and that Youko was mistaken as her, and SHE was MORE suitable to be the ruler (empress) – somewhat… can’t remember the exact details. All I can remember was lotsa cursing and swearing at her obstinacy.


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