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I’m really depressed now…

on the 29 june 2007 I was …i was…IN JAPAN!!

and S.K.I.N was in LA doing their first debut…. GRRR~

Vocalist/Piano – Gackt (!!)
Drums/Piano – Yoshiki
Guitars – Miyavi & Sugizo

… Love MOST of them… hahaha

Gackt… I miss you!




  1. Gyah, now that sucks.
    I had similar experience. I realised that Gackt’s callendar for 2008 was shot in my city. And I had no idea he has been here.

  2. omg …that sucks tooo….

    i want the calender too… but it’s only sold in japan…

    guess i gotta get it online… at even a even higher price…. 😀

  3. I am so frustrated. Feels like I missed a huge chance. 😦

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