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Food was really good in Japan…and it had spoilt us so much to the extent that sg food could not satisfy my hunger and cravings…
except KFC … Japan’s KFC SUCKS! and will continue to SUCK!

their ramen is GOD … and their curry rice is DA BEST!
and unless u are willing to pay A HELL LOT …don’t bother to spend extra on their pasta and chinese food…
but if you’re lucky…u might fall into a nice chinese-japanese fusion food trap…

we really wanted to try okonomiyaki, yakisoba (all we had was yakisoba pan!) and more traditional stuff …
but whenever we got back to the ryokan & hotels…it was too late for those…
we were always on the move…and bentos become our “staple” diet… but we loved those… 😀

rest of the food photos here~



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  1. 美味しそう・・

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