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Losing my touch with animes, I’ve been really back-dated.
In Akihabara, I saw lots of figurines and models….
among those, there were some from the anime “銀魂” (Gintama)
and there I was, thinking…hey …the guys (from the series) looked cute…maybe i should try watching the anime.
A few levels (in the same building) down, I saw the manga and the cover art looked great too…

so here I am, watching this anime series. 😀

the first few episodes are … not as blastfully interesting, but I’ll watch on… since I have nothing much to do anyway.

*Update :: Farking hilarious… laughed my arse off… one of the funniest I’ve watched in a while… excluding Romeo x Juliet Episode 12 when they were announcing their FULL names before being captured… that.. I laughed my hardest in a while too… they have stupid middle names… long ones at that too~



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