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I came across the anime…watched 11 episodes of it…
and eagerly awaits episode 12 to be subbed…

you can find first 11 or so episodes (subbed) in

it’s adapted from the original Shakespearean R&J with MANY changes…
including things like Juliet with dead parents and Romeo having a tyrannical (AND EVIL) father…
there’re also rather absurd (though i LOVE IT) changes like Tybalt being uberliciously CUTE (a little similar to Shibuya aka Naru-chan in Ghost Hunt) … and they added the caricature of William S himself in the anime.

the story’s rather intriguing… i kept wathcing NON-stop… from 1-11… since last night…
and my comp hasn’t been resting …
gotta go rest after im done with this post… hurhurhur

oh and..the ED by 12012 (a jrock band) titled Cyclone sounds great…though it’s rather anti-climax…whenever every episode ends romantically or ends with a rather sad note… the song sounds off almost immediately trashing whatever mood the episode has left u with… -_-



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