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Yoohoo! I’m in Thailand … till err… i think the 20th of June. my sisters are soooo cute … I will post photos of them when i get my hands on faster internet connection…*hurhurhur*
it’s slowwww… very slow…

Eric bought me a tamagotchi v4 before we came to thailand…
and we are so addicted to our pets now
bringing the toons whenever we go …
irritating everyone with the beeping sounds that the little pager-lookalikes make! HAHA~

i have Ponytchi! she’s cute and SMART…
Eric has a worm-like thingy (but he insisted that it’s tiger-like)

we mated them both …and THEY HAD 2 BABY girls, in the 1st instance they got together…


and they’re still very young… 4 yrs old young adults… unwedded (i suppose) and there they are… with two baby girls…

yeah..that’s about all…

oh oh and we’re at the northeasten part of thailand…in a place named Nakhon Phanom…
really nice and cool place…except for the frequent lightning, thunders and HEAVY rain…
oh oh ! and LOTS OF mozzy, weird bugs and other misc insects…
i don’t mind the spiders though, they are cute 😀

there are lotsa doggies over here too. I will get Eric to take pictures of them when we are done with my dad’s website.

the last few days will be spent at a beach resort on an island. WOO~

psst: the food here is FANTASTIC! singapore food can go and eat poo!


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  1. Yay, Eric got you that Tamagotchi after all, and even decided to join you in the madness! kekekek

    Glad to hear you two are having a good time in Thailand– I have to say I envy your food adventure very much! Enjoy your time with family! Looking forward to hearing from you again! 🙂 /snuggles

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