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Gackt’s new single! releasing on the 20/06/07! Cover is not even decided yet! woo~

here’s the track listing:

01. RETURNER~闇の終焉~
02. Cube (DRUG I Ver.)
03. Birdcage (DRUG I Ver.)
04. RETURNER~闇の終焉~ (Instrumental)

I CAN’T WAIT! there’s my new favourite song… the druG LIVE version of Bird Cage… i so cannot imagine how orgasmic it is.. hahahaha!




  1. what do you mean the cover has not been decided?!
    The close up version of the cover is the Special Edition.
    Special Edition cover:

    and the other one is the regualr edition!
    regular edition cover:

  2. Dude, you blind or something?! Lrn2readPostDate!

    During the time of post, the cover hasn’t been decided yet. Oh boy, why do I even bother to reply someone who has an uncreative alias? (Note: Nothing against X-Japan)

  3. haha… pulease… dear XJAPANforever (cheesy~)

    please take a look at the date when i posted…
    when i knew that he’s coming out with this single, the cover HAD not been decided yet.

    I didn’t have a chance to update my blog for eons ‘cos I do have life. I have to slog for a particular company, accompany a particular vampire, and entertain an entire circus of clowns.

    Oh, and your links don’t work. 😀

    ** I wonder what’s with people’s LOVE of finding fault with others. Although in this case, i don’t think any mistake was made.


  4. Now thereb are two covers for the single: One for the limited edition, one for the ‘normal’ edition.

    And I both love them!!!
    The PV is amazing as well!!!

    _O_ Gackt _O_

  5. Yeah! i saw the full version of the PV and it’s fantastic! I’m so gonna get the limited edition off! 😀

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