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I’m bored and I can’t sleep. So … I gathered a few screenshots of my characters.. and put them together 🙂
I kinda freaked myself out when I found out that I have so many alts… HA~

The more active characters (out of the still playing ones) are:
*Kelios (Level 70; Female Human Paladin) – She’s my main 😀
*Shoria (Level 28; Female Night Elf Rogue) – She’s my enchanter
*Yorukage (Level 62; Female Night Elf Druid) – My first ever character but I got sick of playing druids…
*Kyradan (Level 20; Blood Elf Hunter) – My solo character. I play him when Eric is not around to quest with me 😦
*Azteciodan (Level 14 or 15; Blood Elf Warlock) – My “LF & KS” Kaki character @ Coilfang… I use this character to play and chat with them 😀
*Galiena (Level 16 or so; Draenei Mage) – My Role Playing Princess that I created with Gwuinifer, Tim & Eric.



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