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I went there twice in a week!
First time, I went with Adlina! and the second time, I went there with Eric.
and now im broke… /CRY!

Really really really sad… and guilty…so I shall not overspend next month’s pay!
no CK fragrance for me… no new DVD for me…

the food was good though. But, the second time I was there… The seafood wasn’t that fantastic and the other dishes were rather plain.
I love the Raspberry Salad Dressing! 😀
The baby lobster, and scallop were fresh! I love fresh seafood!
Didn’t try the crabs…coz im one lazy bum… I hate to use my hands.
The selection of cakes & desert were delicious! Eric loves the Opera and I liked the Mango Pana Cotta~
However, their chocolute fondue fountain sux! SUX REAL BAD
hahahahaha but that’s not their main selling i shall oversee that 😛



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