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Hehe~ the background is taken from DeviantArt …
All credits for that to xNissab9llAmyx ~ (wonder if i got that right…hmmm~)

Updated!: and here’s the one that i made with
they have sooo many tools and stuff that i can’t stop putting things into the collage

Pictures are from my birthday night after “The Phantom of the Opera” @ Esplanade…
Eric bought me my mostest favouritest strawberry shortcake from Rive Gauche!
love it!

Love him!! hugs!!




  1. OMG OMG I didn’t know you’d had a birthday!!! *kicks self hard*

    To think I missed the opportunity to send you a gift!!!

    Eric is in such huge trouble for not warning me ahead of time!

    Do you hear me Eric? HUGE TROUBLE.

    You will just have to smother Angel in affection to make up for your crimes. Hmph.



  2. Awww… Thank you!! haha
    Man, I can’t wait for Starcraft2 to be released!!
    I’m just so out of point…
    The office environment had deprived me of my ability to think~!

    but i can still HUG! haha BIGBIG HUG!!!


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