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Headache…eyes popping out… bleh!

Tension headache; is what the doctor said!
Going crazy is what i think!

anyway, while waiting for my turn at the clinic…i browsed through an issue of “Stuff” – it’s a gadgets magazine.

and here’s what i found.

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don’t mind the camera… it sucks!

A Swarovski’s crystals-studded PINK DS Lite.
Available at a particular website (can’t remember the name) for 1000 bucks.
i don’t know if it’s the service of studding the DS Lite or the entire console for a thousand.
but WOAH…I’m astounded…AND tempted.

HA! the Pink Seduction is in action again.

back at home…
lunch was something like this.

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Ritz cheese crackers with ultimately-best-in-da-world strawberry jam!
It made me feel so much better with the sugar rush! hehe

so well, the afternoon weather is killing me…
head’s throbbing BAD and staring at the screen any further will most probably melt my already-deformed brain…
gotta nap more!




  1. yo babe…

    better rest more..
    take good care~ 🙂

  2. rest more, sleep more and get well soon! *huggies* 🙂

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