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“These are were the many gators we gotta clear before helping Medivh with getting rid of MANY waves of black-dandruff-flaking dragons spawning out of time rifts…”

We did not succeed this time! but… we were a level short (69 instead of 70)… and we have not 5 but 4 men!

still… it was a really fun experience (anything with Gwuinifer and Time is FUN!) … getting to meet Medivh & all…
he looks real cute! (not as cute as my dear Thrall! I LOVE YOU THRALL!)

We finished “Escaped from Durnholde” … helped Thrall with his endeavors… and now it’s onwards to meeting Medivh!
😀 I LOVE the stuff in Caverns of Time!
they are so cool!



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