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Here’s how my desktop look like…
bah` plain ya? compared to home…

this is Windows for ya…
boohoo i missed my Mac~ /sobz

Out of point, but i seem to be spamming my own blog with irrelevant post today.. haha
but im really bored..

Out out of point, im going to visit LF at the hospital later! hoo~
going to get to see baby Adora! hehe
getting high from the excitment!!

oh oh..and Linkin Park has a new album…
iTunes is pre-releasing the single or something..
i didn’t really read the email in detail..
i’ll do it when i get back! haha
i might just buy it off iTunes 😀




  1. haha.yes ur desktop very pretty in pink!! finally, LP coming up with a new album..woot~! 🙂

  2. haha yea~
    LP’s new album in god-knows how many years…
    i just might buy it :::wink:::

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