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woah~ haha the silent movie by my beloved Malice Mizer~ one of their last works before they disbanded /wail out loud…
all music in this movie is by Malice Mizer! fantastic tracks there!

Mana is a NUN! a VAMPIRE NUN! that’s a double WOAH!
love Mana! She’s..i mean He’s so gorgeous!
and i had a good laugh over Yu-ki~ he’s Earl of Dracula..and he’s hair is FUNNY! too funny for the whole movie…*fufufufufu*

there’s multiple parts to the catch them if you’re free..the movie is made in a very confusing way, and the subtitle sucks!

Spoilers at Wiki~

and well, if you watched the entire thing twice, you should be able to catch the entire’s basically about Dracula being kicked in the arse…
bah. im lying!




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