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I’ve finally gotten my PINK DS LITE!
thank you my dearest ERIC!! /hughug kiss kiss
well, this kind of treatment shall last for a little longer than usual /grin!

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simin SHALL get hers soon! and we can play GIRLY games together! mwah hahahahaha…/evil laughter!!

oh also, i tried the fondue at swiss culture @ suntec level 3 (near sky garden)

it was great! not SUPERB but GREAT!
the chocolate (i bet it’s dark chocolate) was thick and nice… MOST IMPORTANTLY!~
they gave a generously huge amount… in comparison to the amount of fruits and marshmallows… haha

i still prefer the one from GoShen but it’s no longer there…
because of that, Eric bought me my very own Fondue set and we made our DIY Chocolate Fondue yesterday night!
::batters eyelids in happiness @ Eric::

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there were strawberries, bananas & marshmallows!!
LOVE the chocolate..though ours was a little chao ta (burnt!)

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not a very good model, isn’t he?

and now… some random pictures from the past… haha

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this was from CNY …when i went Eric’s aunty’s place… nice food over there especially the PORK RIBS!!! I LOVE THE PORK RIBS!
that’s Muffy … not Muffin~ /sweat
she’s Eric’s cousin’s (Josephine’s) dog …

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Oh …and this is just from quite a long time ago…
imitating Sumomo(anime) …
how Momoko did the bed!! hahahaha




  1. Awww!! Eric enjoying delicious fruit and chocolate! Now if I had a picture of the both of you together, I think I would never need to eat dessert again– it would be satisfying just to take a look at you two! The sweetest EVER.

    Glad you had a nice time together! /hug

    (And for a postscript, I will mention self-pityingly that strawberries that fresh and lovely have not been available here in &%$#*@! Washington since last July and shall not again till then! *drools for fresh fruit from her youth in sunny CA* Bah!)

  2. there are seasons for strawberries?
    hmm…they seem to be available all year round here.. 😛

    if i could i will send some over… but i bet they will be strawberry jam by the time they get there…

    COME ON … get your pretty butt (along with the hunky butt of Tim and the cutest-butts-in-the-world that belongs to Ti’anna and Ethan) here and taste the FRESH SWEET strawberries in SINGAPORE ….



  3. Hey, I have a pink Ds lite too. But for some reason, the see-through edge bit around yours is quite a bit thicker than mine. Mine is really thin!

  4. haha that’s coz i bought a protective cover …
    it’s a hardcasing…and it’s really heavy
    but my precious ds will not be scratched easily…

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