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THREE CHEERS FOR Singapore Post.
Today’s the first day after the Chinese New Year holidays and the ever hardworking ants of SG Post had sent me my precious copy of No Ni Saku Hana no You Ni … hehehehehehehe
im so so so so happy~

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along with my copy of Gackt’s new single is Eric’s copy of Mars Concert DVD~
i bought it for him for V-day’s present!
now we’ll have something to watch during our stay here in Downtown East…
oh i didn’t mention it before but im currently in Downtown East on a getaway…
still playing WoW once every little while and still surfing net…
not much of a getaway heh~
the wireless here is superb!
superbly fast and steady~
love it!




  1. OMG! Someone else who’s seen Tsuki no Shippo vol 12 – and my actual Japanese comprehension skills are rather poor so I’m just very very confused and sad at this point. T__T

    Sorry for hijacking your Gackt post but I’ve been frantic since last night and ready to go kick YesAsia into sending me vol 13 ASAP. LOL

  2. haha it’s ok!
    Tsuki no shippo … i can’t wait for 13 too~!
    but i guess i’ll not get it so soon since I gotta wait for the local distributor to get it first. ;P

  3. Orangeline, where do you buy No Ni Saku Hana no You Ni album from? i cant find it in SG … =(

  4. I bought it online , through 😀

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