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Gackt’s new single…~ I bought it off yesasia the other day while shopping for Eric’s present.
I couldn’t contain myself and went to listen to the song first … (wouldn’t get it till a fortnight later)

love this new single…especially the piano version…FANTASTIC!
was reading the translation of the lyrics … plus a little of understanding while repetitively listening …
you’ll be touched by the song too! hehe
info on this very special single can be read here
I’m glad that i spent a little more to get the first release edition with the dvd…
kyaa…i love him ..~ new fav song on the way~

get the lyrics @

I kinda miss the days when I’m happily hanging out with friends, not worrying about anything…
this song gives me the feeling of “the end of such days” , but the beginning of a world that I’m going to create for myself.
It gives me a little more strength to go on. it does! 🙂
thanks Gackt! you are indeed my god…



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