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Outlands, the new continent in World of Warcraft … is one of the most beautiful places (in games) ever made.
I’ve taken lots of shots … and here’s one of them.
This is the sky…in Hellfire Peninsular.
Not the nicest and safest place to be in, but when you look up(if you’re not killing or getting mashed), you will never want to look anywhere else again… 🙂
It’s captivating, isn’t it?

I need some rest now…
shall show the rest (one by one in the days to come)…
this is not my favourite though…. hehe




  1. Ooh, nice pic! I haven’t taken many in Outland yet. Looks even better on a screen the size of China!!!

    /sap target=Angeline
    You receive loot: ‘Widescreen Monitor’

  2. hahaha …
    i took hell lots of shots in hellfire peninsula..LOVEEEE the sky there…

    D’OH! where’s my screen?? /sob…now i can’t play my game… have to revert back to my lousy ole 15’inch monitor..lousy windows… bah!

    sigh… me look at your words n me miss WoW more…boohoo..shall log on tonight n play till i drop!!

    /grin like a bonked head


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