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Well, i haven’t been updating in days …. work has been really … erm ok, not THAT busy, still manageable (actually i still have time to surf net, rot and fall asleep during working hours) but i’ve been marathoning Burning Crusade (World of Warcraft Expansion) everyday after work.

With the help of Eric, i’ve shifted my mac to the proper computer table that i have. The old PC used to occupy that spot, but i’ve given the main part to Melvin (my cousin) and sold the monitor to Garang Guni (old goods collector). haha so there, my mac in its new home!

Eric – The most helpful house Goblin!

Please ignore my hilariously untidy room… haha
i’m a lazy person.




  1. Oh noes! What have you done to Dobby? Now he looks almost kind of like Eric!!! *gasp* Black magic of the worst kind!!! kekekeke

  2. Oh, and did I mention I am very very very jealous for your luscious and luxurious widescreen? /envy

    Also, its been days since I had time to play! I miss you guys SOOOOOOO much!!! You’ll be 65 before I see you again, waaaaah.

  3. hehe ..don’t worry … we won’t be!! we’re still 61!! we can’t pull ourselves away from RL to play too!! bah!! hate that… i miss you guys soooooooo much…/hughughug

    haha about that screen … i sold my soul for that… not worth it… or maybe… hmm…maybe it’s worth a little..hehehe


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