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repeated process from Day 1 another 49 times…
all while listening to my mp3, sms-ing (massively; till my fully charged hp ran out of batt), scribbling on rough paper, reading the software textbook that I brought along (only the interesting side stories they added in to attract your attention, one of the interesting stories is about movie bloopers!), reading the rather out-of-date car magazines they have there in the office (not that I have the right to be choosy), walk around, visiting my fellow IA-colleagues @ their desks at the other three corners of the department, watching “Gackt’s Butabara” & “One Point English Lesson” on my iPod, dozing off and maybe a little reading up on the notes they gave us on Day 1.

All these until the IT guys came and tried to solve the computer problems. At first, around 4pm, the problem seemed solved. The horror struck when the IT guy came to my table once again and said the computer was running too slowly (I was then trying to check mail and log on to MSN), and REBOOTED my computer (of course with my premission).
After that, the computer started updating itself, till …. i think it should be done now…
my computer is STILL ON!! haha
i didn’t get to use the computer since he rebooted it… i managed to do a few mouse clicks and a few typings within the 5 mins of slow-laggy but precious usage (I was suffering from CPU-withdrawal syndrome; maybe it was just cold turkey from Warcrack!).
Well, let’s hope it’s a better day tomorrow.

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there Adlina, this is the cute guy diagonally across me that I was telling you about.
the one of the left… sorry that i only managed to photo his butt…but it’s a cute one too.. /blush
he has dimples… hehe and a very nice smile!
the other guy on the left is older but he’s a very nice guy. I only managed to talk to them once during introduction time. /sigh

to conclude Day 2…

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  1. hmm..from the back view, he looks good =) the one standing up right?? ur computer is so much better…mine’s is super old.i can die like tat! my ipod died on me halfway.haha..*counting days down!

  2. hehe he is!!
    Even the guys (IA colleagues) started gossiping about him!! One was saying he looks like Hollywood style…
    and his smile…omg!! it will melt anyone…male n female alike… haha


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